• Student Tutoring Academy

    The Student Tutoring Academy is designed to offer support to students in all areas of study, including homework assignments and exam technique.

    • How does it work?

      How does the Student Tutoring Academy work?


      Student Tutors work one to one or with small groups. They can offer help with:


      • Any school subjects
      • Your homework
      • An assignment coming up
      • Maths, English, English as a Second Language
      • Writing essays
      • Speech writing and practice
      • Exam technique i.e. how to do exams successfully
      • Time management

      • How to find a student Tutor

        There are 3 easy ways to find a student tutor:

        1. Come to the Homework Club, in the Library, on Wednesdays after school 3:15-5pm.

        2. Find a student tutor or teacher with a subject lanyard around their neck.

        3. Click here to request a Student Tutor (the Tutoring Co-ordinator will contact you). Email tutoring@pakuranga.school.nz for more information.

        • Tutor Availability

          Student Tutors are available at different times:


          • In The Homework Club, Wednesdays after school 3:15pm to 5pm
          • Before school
          • After school Monday to Friday
          • Lunchtimes
          • Tutor Group Time
          • Online e.g. Facebook Chat, Google Chat, etc
          • In class

          • Homework club

            Homework Club takes place in Pakuranga College Library from 3:15pm to 5pm.


            Bring a friend on Wednesdays after school to work on your homework or assignments.


            Homework Club Student Tutors and teachers wear lanyards around their necks to show in which subjects they can offer help.


            If someone doesn’t approach you, just say “Hi” and ask for help.