• We're a subgroup of the Environmental Council that focuses on renewable energy! We meet Monday lunchtimes in the Breakout room of the Library. Please contact Sue Lynn (sueleong@student.pakuranga.school.nz) if you have any questions or want to learn how to get involved.

    • About Us

      We do a range of projects that promote energy and sustainability within our school and community. We also monitor the solar panels on Pamela Stone. Previously we have worked through 'Super Solar Awards' - a framework for schools focused on solar energy and energy efficiency. There are three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Pakuranga College achieved Bronze in 2014 and Silver in 2016, being the first high school in NZ to achieve both Bronze and Silver. As a sub-group of the Enviro Council, SchoolGen members are encouraged to take part in wider Enviro Council projects such as stream cleans, tree plantings and campaigns.

      • Links/Photos

        Article on Pakuranga College achieving the Bronze award: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/ED1510/S00063/pakuranga-college-proves-its-eco-credentials.htm

        Photos from our Wakaaranga Trip in May: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw9QVeZpJeIELUZQd0ZMc0hQTlE

        Our profile page on the SchoolGen website: http://www.schoolgen.co.nz/schoolgen-schools/pakuranga-college-auckland 

        Data from our solar panels. Click to see how much solar energy we generate and our school's solar energy vs energy from the grid usage! https://data.solarnetwork.net/nz/sg/embedded.html?nodeId=216&sourceIds=Solar_SMA

        Our Suggestions Form. You can send us any suggestions for projects you think we should do or related issues you think we should look at.: https://goo.gl/forms/MFE2V1YHCsgDcZxa2

        • Projects

          • Turn Off The Lights Campaign. This was a campaign run a couple of years ago, with a video and stickers for all the light switches in the school.
          • 'Energy Day' at Wakaaranga Primary School. For the past 5 years we have run an energy/science programme with their Year 6 students. 
          • Year 9 Social Studies Resource. We are creating a resource for year 9 social studies' teachers that links entrepreneurship and sustainability.
          • Energy Audit. We plan to do an energy audit of the school. This involves finding out what uses our electricity (lightbulbs, computers, printers, etc)

          • Why you should join

            Why You Should Join:

            If you are interested in energy and/or sustainability then SchoolGen is the group for you! We do lots of fun projects that you can easily get involved in. 

            -do good for the environment

            - career opportunities

            - getting more involved in the school

            - meet like minded people (who also care about the environment)