• Absence, Lateness and Leave


    Under the Education Act, attendance at College is compulsory, unless the student is unable to attend due to sickness, danger of infection, sudden and serious illness of an apparent, or severe stress of weather. This means that Pakuranga College is required to accurately document all student absences.

    Advising of Absences

    Any student who is required to leave the school during the school day to attend a medical/clinical appointment must bring their appointment card or a note from a parent/guardian to enable them to be released from class and sign out at the Student Centre. Permission will only be given for genuine medical/clinical appointments. Students must carry their ‘leave’ pass at all times and produce it when required.


    If students are absent, parents are expected to:


    ·        Telephone the school on the day (534 7159) and follow up with written confirmation (ie. An email to info@pakuranga.school.nz or students must bring a signed and dated note explaining the absence on the day of their return).  OR


    ·        Email info@pakuranga.school.nz  OR


    ·        Report the absence via the Pakuranga College App (to download, please search ‘SchoolAppsNZ’ in the Google/Apple App Store).


    Parents/guardians of students who are absent without explanation will receive an SMS (text) notification advising them of this. A reply is appreciated, as this enables the Attendance Officer to account for such absences. Students who are late or unjustifiably absent (truant) from College or any class during the school day may be subject to disciplinary action.


    Any students not in class during class time must carry a note issued by a teacher.


    Time spent with guidance counsellors and Deans during class time should be by appointment only.


    Students are not permitted to leave the College grounds during the school day (including interval and lunchtime) except:


    ·        Year 13 students, who may go out of school during lunchtime, providing they return promptly for period 4. However, Year 13 students who are off site during school hours must not use their vehicles.


    ·        In the case of sickness, dental or medical appointments, when prior approval has been obtained from Student Services, Guidance Counsellors and/or the School Nurse. Students must take a written request or appointment details to Student Services to obtain a Leave Pass and, on return, sign in.


    ·        For any other reason with prior approval from a Dean or member of the Senior Leadership Team, who will issue a Leave Pass (student must still sign out/in).




    All students who are late to school must sign in at the Student Centre and receive a Late Pass before going to class.


    Requests for Leave

    A ‘Request for Leave’ form is available from Student Services or can be downloaded by click on the link below. This must be submitted to Student Services for a member of the Senior Leadership Team to consider. Requests for leave must be made at least one week in advance.