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    • University Entrance

      Please read the attached page on the entry requirements into University. 

    • Thinking about University?

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               university of auckland        a.u.t          m.i.t         unitec  

      Rest of New Zealand

                     Waikato University    Victoria University      Otago University      UC

      So what am I going to need?

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      • Scholarships /Grants /Awards?

        BreakOut is the database of awards, scholarships and grants for people in New Zealand. This database will help you find the funding schemes relevant to you and what you want to do.  You can only access this from Pakuranga College.

        BreakOut has scholarships for school, polytechnic or travel grants; sports and arts schemes; personal grants; personal development funds; academic and non-academic funding for people like you. Don't miss out!

        CLICK HERE

        Dreamcatcher:  go into DreamCatcher by clicking on the icon above.  Under helpful contacts select scholarships and search!!


        • Careers Expo 2016


          • Year 13 Future Focus 2018

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