• General

    The library is open Monday to Friday, during school term from 8am to 4:30 pm. 

    The library has bookable spaces – found under ‘events planner’ in Kmar. 

    Break Out – Waihanga (the old Compaq room – Seats 30) which has a writable whiteboard table, display screen and projector and three smaller computer display screens.

    Quiet Space – Akoranga (the old study room – Seats 16) which has a whiteboard and four study booths.

    Think Tank – Wananga (the old office - Seats 6) which has a writable whiteboard table.

    Non-Fiction – Pukapuka take-motuhake which has moveable tables and seats 60, two large TV screens and direct access to the Non-fiction and reference books.

    Fiction – Pakiwaitara which has plush seats seating around 30 with direct access to the fiction books. 

    You can also book the laptops, currently there are 16 Blue HP streams (which have internet access and Microsoft office) and 18 grey cromes (internet only). 

    The library also has a printer, a library catalogue machine, two hardwired computers and a Teacher’s Reference section. 

    When bringing classes into the library, students are asked to leave their bags outside on the bag shelves, but can bring devices, phones and valuables into the library if necessary. 

    Electronic Resources

    The library catalogue https://library.pakuranga.school.nz/



    The E-library is open all year round, 24/7 and can easily be accessed via the online website, or via downloading the Wheeler’s app, suitable for your device.

    You can borrow up to three e-books for three weeks. There are many types of books including young-adult and adult fiction and a number of non-fiction on a wide range of subjects. You can reserve items which are currently on-loan (titles which are out have faded covers). You can simple browse items or search the E-catalogue. 

    The E-library is also currently part of the ‘Auckland College’s Consortium’, which means several schools are joined. This means access to more titles. (Please note: the consortium titles – those not bought by Pakuranga – are not catalogued in Pakuranga’s Oliver system, so it is worth searching the e-library catalogue as well as Oliver for items)


    Traditional hard-copy books can be borrowed individually or in subject book-boxes for classes. Students can borrow up to five fiction and five non-fiction for two weeks; teachers can borrow up to twenty for three to four weeks. Book-boxes can be held for however long they are required.

    Although we try to get high interest and up-to-date materials, if there is anything that you require, please don’t hesitate to ask. (Also at the end, you’ll find a list of Technology books that were acquired in 2016)

    There are five main sections in the library:

    Fiction: The fiction section has many titles including those for students and adults. We use genre labels and currently, Fantasy novels, ESOL (speedy reads) and Short stories are found on the moveable shelving and carousels. We also have a number of graphic novels and picture books.

    Non-fiction: We have many study guides, curricular subject books, and recreational interest books, along with a large auto/biography collection. The non-fiction is divided into the Dewy classification. Technology is located at 600. Please feel free to search the catalogue for the subject required.

    Maori non-fiction: Our Maori fiction is part of the main fiction collection, but the Maori authored and subject specific non-fiction has been separated into a section of its own for easier access. 

    Reference: Our reference books include atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries and extra-large non-fiction books. Reference usually cannot be borrowed but can be under special circumstances.

    Teacher’s reference: There are a number of books for teachers to use for Professional and curricular development. They too have been separated for easy access.   


    Our magazine collection has both high-interest magazines for general interest reading such as Dolly, X-box and Empire, along with more technical and social issue magazines such as Time, the Listener, Fashion Q, World of Knowledge and Dish. 

    Periodicals can be borrowed for two weeks, including the latest editions. We also have the current NZ Herald in printed format, but we don’t usually keep them after two weeks. We currently do not subscribe to any online periodicals, however if demand increases for them we may look into that option.

    Other Resources

    Other than our laptops, we also have a couple of flipcams and swivels that can also be booked on Kmar. 

    We also keep the school archives and old school magazines which can be looked at and borrowed with special permission.

    Other Library Activities

    The library also run several clubs throughout the year and activities. We have a number of Student Librarians who help out during the week and they usually try to run a fundraiser each year for a worthwhile cause such as ‘Room to read’ or ‘Ibby’. 

    We also have a Reading Club for which teachers and students are welcome to join. The Reading Club meets a couple of times a term on Mondays at Lunch where we discuss books, reading trends and topics, and occasionally have competitions and reading challenges. The Reading Club is also on ‘Goodreads’ and you are welcome to join that and add your books and reviews.